Tom Prince

Professor of Physics

(although some physicists think I am an astronomer)

(... and vice versa)



Our Group's Research in the News!

January 2020: Discovery of the 1st Vatira Asteroid

July 2019: Discovery of a 7-min orbit gravitational wave source (See also)

July 2019: Asteroid with shortest 'year' discovered

Jan 2019: Galactic Center Magnetar

Also a bunch of others


Lists of our group's publications can be found on ADS and arXiv

Much of my current research involves the
Zwicky Transient Factory.
We are the leading group internationally in discovering new ultracompact white dwarf binaries, particularly those detectable by the upcoming
space-based gravitational wave mission, LISA.

I am also actively working with Walid Majid at JPL,
using the antennas of the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN)
to search for millisecond pulsars at the Galactic Center
and make observations of magnetars and FRBs.

I also dabble in asteroid detection with ZTF, working with collaborators at IPAC.

In the past, I have worked on
low-frequency gravitational wave astronomy
as U.S. co-chair of the LISA International Science Team.

Other areas of my research have included: cosmic-ray
astrophysics, gamma-ray astronomy, high-performance
computation and virtual observatories.

I have worked with many excellent graduate students and postdocs

Other Activities

I am Director of the W. M. Keck Institute for Space Studies
This is a think-tank for new ideas
for space science and technology.
Take a look at the Keck Institute web page
to see the wide-ranging work of the institute.

I was privileged to be the Chief Scientist of JPL during the period 2001-2006


Art and Relaxation

A web site showing some of my infrared photography is here.
The photo to the right is the 70m Goldstone DSN antenna taken at noon in the near infrared.