I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Space Radiation Lab a the California Institute of Technology. Mostly, I work on NuSTAR as part of the instrument team that’s calibrating the X-ray detectors.

My research interests are fairly varied and tend to concentrate on objects that push detectors as fast as they can go, including terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, solar flares, X-ray bursts, and gamma-ray bursts.

Before coming to Caltech, my previous instrumentation project was developing, building, calibrating, and flying the Airborne Detector For Energetic Lightning Emissions (ADELE) at UCSC.

About Me:


Work            bwgref at srl dot caltech dot edu

Personal    bwgref at gmail dot com

OFFICE          Cahill 207

PHONE          (626) 395-8037


Current     Postdoctoral Researcher
                        Space Radiation Lab (SRL)

Education  B.S. Physics, 2004
                        Stanford University

                       M.S. Physics, 2006
                        University of California, Santa Cruz

                       Ph.D. Physics, 2009
                        University of California, Santa Cruz